Our EGT Staff

Karen Eason

Program Analyst

Karen EasonKaren Eason serves the NOS Liaison to the Ecosystem Goal Team. As a member of the Ecosystem Goal Team (EGT) Staff she acts as a as a Management Analyst and Liaison to the Coastal and Marine Resources, and Enforcement Programs. In this role Karen assists Programs as they produce their Program Operating Plans, contributes to plan analysis for development of the Goal's Strategic Portfolio Analysis, and works with her Programs' staff and the EGT staff to support development of the EGT Program Plan.

Karen holds a B.S. in Biology from Humboldt State University and a M.S. in Marine Science from University of California Santa Cruz. Her field of study is marine invertebrate zoology. Prior to coming to the EGT her main focus was work in the area of marine invasive species. Her career has exposed her to a diverse range of experiences including belly-crawling through Northern CA streams to count salmon, playing in Chesapeake Bay mud (benthic community assessment), and trying not to get blown off the deck of large commercial ships while hauling plankton nets through their ballast tanks.

NOTE: Karen is currently filling in for Laura Letson, who is on a work detail, as the lead PPBES point of contact for the EGT office.