Our EGT Staff

Kristen Koch

Deputy Goal Team Lead

Kristen KochAs the Deputy Goal Team Lead, Kristen Koch ensures that the Ecosystem Goal Team (EGT) is sponsoring programs and work that advance NOAA's ecosystem mission and vision. Kristen oversees NOAA's Planning, Programming, Budgeting and Execution System (PPBES) process for the $1.5 billion portfolio of EGT Programs. She supervises all activities of the Goal Team office. The Deputy and EGT staff coordinate all Goal-level interactions throughout NOAA's Planning, Programming, and Budgeting cycles, including setting annual planning themes, coordinating and negotiating with nine Programs, prioritizing budget alternatives, producing the Goal's Strategic Portfolio Analysis and final Program Plan, and working with NOAA budget offices to formulate budgets. Kristen oversees EGT-sponsored workshops and meetings to advance specific ecosystem-based management topics, as well as the EGT website.

Kristen Koch has been with NOAA for ten years and has been the Deputy Ecosystem Goal Team Lead since July 2007. She recently served on detail as Deputy Director of NOAA's Office of Sustainable Fisheries. Prior to her current position, she was Senior Policy Advisor to the Chief Scientist of NOAA Fisheries. There she worked on several issues related to fisheries science management, as well as NOAA's emerging role in ecosystem-based management. Prior to her position in NOAA Fisheries, Kristen was the Director of Program Planning and Evaluation (PPE) in NOAA Research. PPE is the primary scientific staff office supporting the Assistant Administrator for Research. She joined NOAA and PPE in 1999 as a Presidential Management Intern and worked in several positions there before becoming Director, including assignments at the Environmental Technology Laboratory in Boulder, CO and the NOAA Budget Office. Kristen has a Masters in Public Administration from Columbia University.