Our EGT Staff

Laura Letson

Program Analyst

Laura LetsonLaura Letson is an Ecologist serving NOAA's Ecosystem Goal Team (EGT) as a Program Analyst. She is known for her knowledge of NOAA's Planning, Programming, and Budgeting (PPBES) processes and EGT Programs' proposed out year budget funding levels. Laura has held a variety of positions across NOAA since arriving in 2002. She came to NOAA as a Sea Grant Fellow in NOS' Office of Coastal Resource Management following the completion of a Masters in Environmental Management from Yale's School of Forestry & Environmental Studies. Since then Laura has worked in NOS' Office of the Chief Scientist (OCS), NOS' Center for Coastal Monitoring & Assessment, OAR's Office of Scientific Support/Office of Policy, Planning & Evaluation (PPE). A long way from studying sea turtles, her initial dream for working in the field of marine sciences, Laura enjoys working to help NOAA to meet its varied ecosystem science and management challenges.