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Coral Reef Conservation Program Delivers Report to Congress

On April 12 th 2010, NOAA's Coral Reef Conservation Program (CRCP) delivered the Implementation of the National Coral Reef Action Strategy: Report on NOAA Coral Reef Conservation Program Activities from 2007 to 2009 to Congress. The report provides examples of the activities conducted by the CRCP and its partners to implement the National Coral Reef Action Strategy . It is the third of the biennial progress reports to Congress required by the Coral Reef Conservation Act of 2000.

During the period covered by this report, the CRCP operated pursuant to thirteen program goals organized under two themes: Understanding Coral Reef Ecosystems and Reducing the Adverse Impacts of Human Activities. The report presents activities undertaken for each of these goals, including mapping, assessment, monitoring, partnerships, socioeconomic research, and restoration, among others. It also includes summaries of some major reports produced by, or in partnership with, the CRCP during this time period. Additionally the report describes the Program's efforts to understand and address the three major threats to reefs; impacts from climate change, fishing, and land-based sources of pollution.

NOAA to Hold Public Listening Sessions to Guide Drafting of New Aquaculture Policy

NOAA will hold six listening sessions in April and May to hear recommendations from the public that will help the agency develop a new national policy for sustainable marine aquaculture. Marine aquaculture is the cultivation of marine organisms, such as shellfish and finfish, for food and other products.

Beginning April 6, the agency also will accept public comment through the Web. Instructions for submitting comments electronically will be posted on the Aquaculture Program website.

After the listening sessions, NOAA will analyze the public input and develop a draft national policy for review and public comment. Once that process is complete, the agency will issue the new NOAA aquaculture policy. NOAA's goal is to issue a new national policy that will enable sustainable marine aquaculture within the context of the agency's multiple ocean stewardship missions and broader social and economic goals.

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