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Phil Williams

Phil Williams"Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you have to keep moving forward." Albert Einstein – 1930

Phil came to NOAA in 1981 and has held several positions in marine conservation from setting up marine sanctuaries and estuarine reserves in California and elsewhere to protecting marine turtles from poaching or drowning in commercial fishing gear. Before and since those assignments, Phil worked in NOAA’s headquarters, gaining insight into its leadership and decision making processes, and more recently as a frontline supervisor helping Protected Resources Program employees develop their careers and achieve success in conserving and recovering species threatened with extinction. Phil enjoys developing and maintaining relationships with colleagues and constituents around the country and internationally as he now advocates on their behalf for support for effective marine conservation.

Phil grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area. After a stint in the Marine Corps he completed university studies in 1979 at the San Diego State University, earning a bachelor’s degree in marine invertebrate zoology and a master’s in biology focused on coastal wetlands ecology and restoration. Phil and his wife, Helene Monteil, live in Washington, D.C., near the U.S. Capitol. They love this attractive little city full of inflated egos as well as good, regular, hard working folks. They raised two sons; Thomas, now living in San Diego and completing graduate studies in history, and Matt, a senior in college living in Stowe in the "Northeast Kingdom" of Vermont. Several years ago, Phil resolved to take better care of his health and began cycling. He bikes to work several days a week for a 25-30 mile circuit, depending on the route. He completed a cross country ride in 2007 and a ride across New York state in 2009.

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