Wednesday, May 13, 2015

New Paper Demystifies Ecosystem-Based Fisheries Management

Featured in the April 2015 edition of Fisheries and co-authored by Wesley Patrick  and Jason Link of NOAA Fisheries, this new article helps demystify Ecosystem Based Fisheries Management, including clarifying the difference between Ecosystem Based Fisheries Management and multi-sectoral Ecosystem-Based Management. Despite the substantial progress that has been made in the science and application of this holistic approach to marine resource management, there are several myths that continue to impede progress. Learn more...

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Federal Efforts in Ecosystem-Based Management

The National Ocean Policy identifies EBM as a foundational principle of ocean and coastal resource management. To advance the goals put forward by the National Ocean Policy, an interagency team has been working to increase the understanding and use of EBM by federal agencies. The interagency team has recently used a questionnaire tool to identify and analyze how EBM is used currently in the Federal Government. More than 60 federal programs and projects from 13 agencies responded to the questionnaire. While the response is far from comprehensive, it provides valuable insights into who is using EBM and the similarities, differences, and lessons to be learned from these programs.



Ecosystem-based management is an integrated adaptive management approach to help us consider tradeoffs in resource uses and protect and sustain diverse and productive ecosystems and the services they provide. Informed by science, it incorporates the entire ecosystem, including humans, into resource management decisions.